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ABOUT i3D Printer HK LTD. (Idea Maker HK)

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i3D Printer Hong Kong Limited (Idea Maker HK) is established in Sept 2013, and our core business is going to collect & share information related to 3D printing technologies & design thinking, selling 3D printer & its accessaries by on-line platform, and offer an extra-curriculum” to Hong Kong kids who enjoy design thinking, creative problem solving & 3D printing technology.


  1. Data mining regarding 3D printing technology & innovative methodology.
  2. Encourage innovative methodology & 3D printing technology to Hong Kong young generation.
  3. Provide an e-platform for information press, and selling & training service.


  • Let kids be happy and achieve an amazing accomplishment by realizing from their idea to product by themselves.

Contact us:

  • HK Office/ Showroom Address 1: 9/F, Suite 70, Lee King Industrial Building, 12 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • China Office Address: No.6, Shengli South Road, Sheng Li Ind Area,WanJiang, Dongguan City Guangdong Province, PRC

Tel: 852-62358432

e-mail: info@i3dprinter.com.hk


香港創新立體印刷有限公司 (Idea Maker HK)



  1. 收集,整理有關創意思維和3D打印技術數據。
  2. 推廣,培育香港兒童利用3D打印技術實踐想法。
  3. 提供一站式平台,從資訊,購買,學習到實現成品。


  • 讓香港兒童能實現自己的想法,動手讓想法製成產品,享受喜悅和成就感。


  • 香港辦公室/展廳地址: 香港九龍新蒲崗五芳街12號利景工業大廈9樓70室
  • 中國地址:廣東省東莞市萬江區勝利工業區勝利南路6號

電話: 852-62358432

電郵: info@i3dprinter.com.hk